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I'm a 40 years old housewife and I'm looking for a sex buddy near Ashburn.

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This is a serious call for people who are fond of rimming, anal sex and double penetration. Unfortunately my husband has zero interest in the my bum. If he wants to have sex it's always on his way, mostly missionary and he never want anything to do with my butt.. He finds it nasty.. But I don't!! I found that that i absoluty love hard cock in my ass.. Get me soooo wet and makes me orgasm soooo hard!! So I am looking for someone to share my anal passion / fetish with.. I plan on staying married so discretion is important as well as the right skills.. You can't just jam your cock up my ass.. Play with me lick me (love to get my ass licked) and then GO FOR IT! So preferably a dominant person with lots of experience.

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